• Interior Lighting

    Elegant interior lighting using modern LED technology. Our high quality interior lighting will meet all of your specific needs. The new LED technology will offer comfortability because of there lower operating temperatures, lower power consumption and no hassle of replacing bulbs.

    Interior Lighting
  • Underwater Lighting

    Underwater lights have become one of the most popular standards for high end luxury yachts and recreational vessels. For showcasing your vessel during an evening on the water, at the marina or for your night time fishing needs. Apollo Lighting offers some of the highest quality underwater illumination lighting on the market.

    Underwater Lighting
  • The Best Quality Lighting For Your Boats Exterior

    Apollo offers all of your exterior lighting needs. Whether you need cockpit lighting, accent lighting, courtesy lighting, or flood lighting. We offer maintenance free and energy efficient lighting  in various styles to match the decor of your vessel.

    The Best Quality Lighting For Your Boats Exterior

Lighting Up Your Passion
Apollo Lighting is a leading supplier of LED marine lighting world wide.

The Ventura/ Avalon family of PowerLED downlights utilizes two Cree high-output  LEDs delivering light output exceeding that of 20W traditional fixtures

Our broad selection of LED courtesy lights offers choices in both light direction and fixture styles.

Indirect lighting adds ambiance and creates a sense of space in cabins, salons and walkways

LEDs are perfect for engine room lighting, Bright, low profile and low on power consumption make them ideal for use in engine and utility spaces.